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Partner with us!

Our space is available for partnership opportunities! Want to teach a class? Want to bring in your organization or family to create a special item? Need a unique team bonding program? Have a classroom that needs more "making" in its curriculum? We are here for all this and more! If you have an idea, bring it to us and let's see what we can make together!

We also have partnership opportunities for funding programs, creating conferences, machine purchase and naming rights, and more- so if you are looking for a way to make an impact in your community with a small donation or a large one- no judgement, every dollar helps- we can have a 501c3 donation receipt ready for you in minutes! 


It is a true honor to work with the "C.are.S." afterschool program facilitated by TriYou Cares. C.are.S. stands for Children Are Stressed and we together to foster creativity and confidence through making. 


A partner to Grief and Loss In Motion and Trumbull County LOSS, TriYounity LLC provides a safe space to rent and a sense of welcome and acceptance to all of our individuals. We utilize their self- care facilities for ourselves and those we serve and they often share our skills and services with their patrons, as well. You can find many TriYounity branded items made in the makerspace and we are grateful for their continued trust and support. 

Thrive 10 collaboration_edited.jpg

You can find Maker:Grief programs on the list of ways we can partner and we appreciate the opportunity to host many of these programs in collaboration with Thrive 10:10 at their location. We are also proud to be selected to be an  additional  facilitator for  their "Getting Ahead In a Just Getting by World" community program at their location. 


GFITx is also a constant support with special orders to help sustain our programs.
Say "Hi!" to Ava  as part of the Mercy Health Stepping Out program at the Scope Center in Warren, Ohio. (Ava's classes: Better Body by Ava, Keeping It Real Kick Boxing, and  Ring Ya Bell, Kettelbell)

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