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Postvention Resources for LOSS Teams and Volunteers

Center for Loss and Life Transition

Dr Alan Wolfelt is the mind behind the philosophy of our services in how we hold space for survivors, the manner in which we speak about our grief journey, and the training that sustains us. You can learn more about his trianings, books and philosophy by visiting 

For information on the Deatha nd Grief Studies certification, visit

National LOSS Team

The active postvention model for serving individuals bereaved by suicide, the LOSS Team, was first modeled by Frank Campbell. This is the model we have adapted our Inital Response Team after. Read more and examine additional resources at, 

Register for the National LOSS Listserv  at

LOSS Team Lunch 
and Learn Recorded Videos

In the lower portion of this page, enjoy the Lunch and Learn video recordings of a variety of topics shared quarterly to share information and continue growth and development of Loss teams.

National LOSS Conference

2022 National LOSS Conference in Indiana

2023 will be held in Columbus, Ohio. 

Ohio Sucide Prevention Foundation

The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation recently added a postvention section to their site.

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