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Community Use : Makerspace

The makerspace is intended to be accessible and inclusive for anyone in the community to create items, learn about new techniques, develop prototypes or start their own business. Your first step is to schedule a certification training for the machine(s) you would like to use and come in for training. We will create a small project so that your sense of making can be sparked with 

each training. You are only required to train on machines you choose to use and only need to complete certification one time per machine. After you have completed certification you can reserve your time on the machine during any open, available hours. If you have a membership, there will be no additional machine-use fee. If you choose to pay as you go, the machine-use fee will be discussed at certification. Membership and machine-use fees will help sustain the makerspace as a community resource. Substrates, blanks,  and a variety of materials  will be available for purchase and use. You will also be able to bring your own items to reduce cost and expand the limits of your creativity. 

Classes for specific items will not require machine training and will be available to anyone in the community for a class fee with supplies included. If you are attending a class and wish to bring additional items, please confer with the instructor in advance. 

Memberships are available here. 

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